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The vegetables provide many benefits from the nutritional point of view and preventing diseases. They are especially important because they regulate the intestinal transit and vitamins contributing modulate many metabolic processes. All plants have a high percentage of water, and also stand out due to its content of carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. However, they have very few proteins and fats. Until recently, and because of the low caloric and protein intake of vegetables, they were regarded as foodstuffs of relative interest. After the discovery of vitamins, these foods have been located in an important place of the nutrition of man.

Today it is known that more than half of the vitamin A and almost all the vitamin C we need, provide it vegetables, as well as significant quantities of iron and calcium. In addition, should highlight the importance attached to dietary fiber, component of plants, devoid of nutritional value but of great interest for digestion. Numerous epidemiological studies have proved the beneficial effects of dietary fiber to combat food-borne cancer.

The vegetables lose many of the nutritional substances that possess when they are cooked. This loss is mainly due to corrosion when in contact with air, high temperatures, long time cooking and dissolution in the cooking liquid. Vitamin C, for example, is sensitive to the heat; While vegetables vitamin A is not affected by the heat in a meaningful way, but, nevertheless, should protect it from oxidation. Proteins, sugars and mineral salts are dissolved in the cooking water. Vitamin loss experienced vegetables when preparing evil can be avoided by following a few simple tips. Whenever possible the vegetables should cook baked with skin, and when it is necessary to cut them, be in large portions for less contact with the water surface. The amount water will be the minimum possible and, if possible, sealed container will be used.

Within vegetables and vegetables, the most interesting for its contribution in vitamin A and C are tomatoes, red and green peppers, carrots, chard, spinach, and all kinds of salads. But in addition, we must not forget the fruits that also provide a high content of vitamins.

Don't forget: always ask your pharmacist. It will inform you about these and other related issues. And remember that pharmaceutical intervention poses a high security in the global process of adequacy, effectiveness and safety of treatment with drugs.


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