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Outstanding professional

AF-FC 2017 Forum Awards

Convocada la 6ª Edición Premios Foro AF-FC 2017 - Muy pronto, tu trabajo tendrá premio (Con la colaboración de CINFA)

Open call for submission of cases to qualify for these awards to recognize the work of those pharmacists who apply in their daily work the various welfare services.

One of the objectives of pharmaceutical care in community pharmacy Forum (Forum PhC-CP ) is to enhance the dissemination of the practice of healthcare exercise through professional services focused on the patient. For this reason, a year more to acknowledge the work of those pharmaceuticals that are already applying dispensing services, pharmaceutical indication, monitoring drug therapy or other value healthcare to the population they serve, through the issue of a new call, the sixth, of the AF-FC Forum Awards.

In this new call will be awarded a prize of 1,500 euros and three prizes of 500 euros, which will be made public at the 10th National Congress of pharmaceutical care, which will be held from 26 to 28 October.

WHY NOT TE ANIMAS AND PRESENT A CASE? You have until 25 June 2017 to send it.

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