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Accessible medicine Plus

Cabecera Medicamento Accesible Plus

"Medicine accessible Plus" is an application that is promoted by the General Council of Provincial Pharmacy Chambers, the ONCE Foundation and the Vodafone Spain Foundation, and developed by Technosite company.App Medicamento Accesible Plus

"Accessible medicine Plus" is a free application developed for Android and iOS that allows the consultation of up-to-date information on medicaments, through the capture of bar code present in its usual packaging, and in a way totally accessible to ensure understanding of the same regardless of the functional diversity of the user.

This solution enter to part of the information included in the database of the knowledge health, belonging to the Council general of chambers official of pharmaceutical of Spain e incorporates options of search, Assistant for the reading of information directed to patients and others services of interest to them users.

"Accessible medicine Plus" is a mobile application that allows users to access the information about drugs. It is information about medicines which has the General Council of Provincial Pharmacy Chambers.

Access to the drug information

The drug information comes from the General Council of chambers official pharmaceuticals of Spain (CGCOF). Such information is integrated in the "Medicine accessible Plus" application according to the functionality and usability of the same, but without any modification of the content of the database of the CGCOF.

The drug database is updated frequently in order to collect the latest changes and developments taking place and integrated by the CGCOF in a commitment to continuous update.

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