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Collegiate pharmaceutical organization

Welcome to Portalfarma

PORTALFARMA is the website of the General Council of Provincial Pharmacy Chambers. — Access the different activities carried out over the Internet. It incorporates all aspects of professional interest to the pharmacy in its different facets and, like what occurs in the non-virtual environment, collective pharmacist puts its knowledge and its welfare work in the service of the citizens.

Its main features are:

  • Quality of information - subscribe to the HONCODE principles.
  • Adapted to mobile devices (responsive).
  • Customizable by the user.
  • Navigation intuitive and accessible.
  • Integration of social networks.

Its contents and services are about medicine and pharmacy, and are aimed at different types of users:

Professional information for pharmacists - repository of products and services related to your daily activity

  • Access to Bot PLUS Web 2.0 - reference site for information on drugs and products of pharmacy in our country.
  • Care Pharmacy.
  • Information about drugs and medical devices.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Continuing education.
  • Pharmaceutical legislation.
  • International pharmacy.
  • Healthcare campaigns.
  • Pharmaceutical statistics.
  • Technical/professional publications.
  • Workshops and conferences of interest to the pharmacist.
  • Calls professional and job.

Information for citizens - your pharmacist advises

  • Health tips.
  • Healthcare campaigns.
  • Chemists.
  • Information on the use of medicines.
  • Healthy eating.
  • Infant immunization schedules.

The information provided on the use of medicines, councils of health and healthy living habits and, in general, any aspect of public health and the prevention of disease in PORTALFARMA intended to support and complement, in no case replace, the information provided in the medical consultation or advice from the pharmacist in the Community Pharmacy.

Content for media

  • Press releases.
  • Multimedia content.
  • Social media channels.

Pharmacy classroom - information for students of Pharmacy

  • Within the framework of the cooperation agreement of the General Council with the National Conference of Deans of pharmacy.
  • Vocational content for students and teachers. Access to Bot PLUS Web 2.0 with advanced profile.

My Portalfarma - a space that is customized for the registered pharmacist

  • My Favorites.
  • My calendar of events.
  • Access to the email address @REDFARMA.
  • Compilation of electronic newsletters.
  • My products and services (unique key).

PORTALFARMA offers some of its contents in open to anyone wishing to do so, existing at the same time a series of contents of restricted access for different types of users: members, media and students of pharmacy.

Links of interest:

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