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Spring allergy

During the months of April and may increase the symptoms of patients allergic to pollen

Sneezing, itchy eyes and fatigue, are some of the symptoms that many people begin to notice with the arrival of spring. It is the symptoms of known as spring allergy that affects approximately 10% of the population. Allergy is a response of the body in contact with certain substances that come from abroad. Spring allergy pollen is the main cause of the hypersensitivity.Alergia
The most common allergies occur with exposure to pollen, mites and dust. For this reason, preventive measures are directed to avoid contact with these substances. In the case of spring allergy have to avoid contact with pollen, so must keep all windows closed, especially during the hours of sunlight, avoid mowing the lawn or lying on it, use sunglasses to go out onto the street, lower activities outdoors, and not dry clothes during the phases of maximum pollination that sticks to clothes.
Apart from the preventive measures, there are two basic therapeutic options: drug treatment, considered as first-line treatment, which is aimed mainly to neutralize or absorb the most characteristic symptoms of mild to moderate allergy pictures. When an allergen cannot be avoided and pharmacological treatment is insufficient to relieve the symptoms of atopic disease, can try the hyposensitization or desensitization with allergen itself, injecting him in the form of extract in increased dose subcutaneously. This is the immune therapy or immunotherapy.
The office of pharmacy is a preventive work, framed in two fundamental lines of action. On the one hand allergic patients not diagnosed, are detected by deriving them to your doctor; and on the other hand hygiene type measures to cushion the impact of the allergens on patients are reported.
Detection of allergic patients can be done both through the symptoms, and by the repeated use and, above all, seasonal medicines mentioned above, especially of drugs that do not require medical prescription as a nasal decongestant. In any case, it is important that these patients attend the physician for a proper diagnosis.
Don't forget: always ask your pharmacist, he will inform you about these and other issues related to health and medicine.
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