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Electronic releases

The General Council of Provincial Pharmacy Chambers offers pharmaceutical professionals and citizens the possibility of subscription to electronic releases of www.portalfarma.com, as a means of information and permanent communication with chambers, licensed pharmacists and any citizen who is interested in receiving the information.

Releases electronic Pharmaceutical Association:

You will periodically receive information relevant to the exercise of their professional activity on the innovations that occur in PORTALFARMA: technical reports, news of health interest, magazine "Pharmaceutical", releases of interest for the collective, information on training activities, articles on pharmaceutical care, among others.

Will also be informed of possible services that the Collegiate Pharmaceutical Organisation puts at your disposal through its institutional website, www.portalfarma.com, as well as professional event, which you can attend, which will be present the General Council.

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Releases electronic citizens

You will periodically receive information of interest in connection with the drug and Pharmacy and will be informed of possible services that the collective pharmacist puts at your disposal through the portal of the organisation pharmaceutical College, www.portalfarma.com, and events that you can attend, in which the General Council will be present.

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Electronic communications media

Discharge in the media space allows access to all the information in this section (press releases, multimedia content, database of legislation, etc.) as well as the ability to subscribe to an electronic communications service, to receive by email updates (press releases and press releases, reports, etc.) about the pharmaceutical profession and the medicine.

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