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Press releases

Pharmacies initiated a health education campaign to prevent underage alcohol consumption

The General Council of pharmacists and the Foundation Alcohol and society-driven

  • With the motto of "Minor not a drop", community pharmacies in all Spain alert of the consequences of alcohol abuse
  • During the campaign the pharmacies will exhibit a sign with the message "If you are a minor, the best is to remove zero alcohol" and they distributed 250,000 leaflets with information for young people and their families
  • The Collegiate Pharmaceutical Organisation website, portalfarma.com offers pharmacists and citizens all the campaign materials

Madrid, February 26, 2017- Spanish pharmacies have initiated a health education campaign to prevent the consumption of all types of alcoholic beverages underage. To this end and with the motto "Minors nor a drop", community pharmacies will exhibit a poster and distributed about 250,000 brochures among young people and their families. In a previous phase of the campaign, pharmacists have completed their training and have an infographic with basic data and an intervention Guide to promote the prevention of underage drinking, assist in the resolution of health problems derived and promote habits of responsibility and moderation in the consumption of drinks among the adult population.

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This initiative, promoted by the General Council of Provincial Pharmacy Chambers and the spirit Foundation and society, tries to raise awareness and prevent the onset in the consumption of alcohol among children through education. A consumption which, although the latest polls reflect a decline, still stands at a 68.2% of adolescents between 14 and 18 years who acknowledges having drunk alcohol in the last month. The campaign that begins these days, is the health and social potential of the network of 22,000 pharmacies and 48,500 pharmacists who work in them to act as points of preventive intervention to children and their families.


To this end the intervention of the pharmacist will try to prevent underage alcohol consumption, also contemplating the advice and information to parents. Posts by pharmacist will always contain information about the adverse effects that causes alcohol intake in children under age, consequences or danger of the same, and will be accompanied by educational materials or brochures that give support to the advice provided.

The President of the General Council of chambers official of pharmaceutical Jesus Aguilar, said that "in this fight we must engage all stakeholders and health structures and therefore pharmacists want to contribute to detect users of risk and" inform them with the aim of preventing future problems." To do this, continuous Aguilar, "we have launched this initiative which will allow to develop this work both in the rural villages and urban, in the prosperous and the poor, all thanks to the proximity and accessibility of the pharmacy network, This in order to reach the widest possible young people."

Since the spirit Foundation and society CEO, Bosco Torremocha, highlighted: "preventing the use of all kinds of beverages with alcohol content between minors is a priority for the Foundation, and should be for the whole society, so it is important" develop prevention campaigns based on education, able to change habits and influencing the improper behaviour of minors. "The pharmaceutical community our goal that no child drink any beverage containing alcohol is an example of how society is involving in this view".

Read more in the space of the campaign
"The pharmacist in the prevention of underage drinking"

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