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Centre of information on the supply of medicines (CISMED)

CISMED - Centro de Información sobre Suministros de MedicamentosCollegiate - chambers, regional councils and General Council - pharmaceutical organization has developed the Centre of information on the supply of drugs (CISMED).

An information system with a dual objective: detect in real time generalized situations of irregular supply of medicines, and give to the Organization of its availability information to facilitate decision making of pharmacists, and contribute to the continuity of the treatment of the patients.

Every day new pharmacies are joining voluntarily system through your chamber, who provided the procedure, documentation and the application computer. Once attached to CISMED, pharmacy generates information which, once treated, will allow the chamber have data on drug supply in his province and, once submitted to the General Council, consolidating data at a national level.

How joining online CISMED?

Listados de Medicamentos con problemas de suministro

1 Register online by entering: adhesioncismed.nodofarma.es and register
in just three steps, filling:

  • User data
  • Pharmacy data
  • Cardholder data

Accepts and creates your form request snapshot!

2 Configure the access to CISMED
in your implementation of order management
information you receive from your chamber.

Registrarse en CISMED  

Once installed the access, from the pharmacy only you have to occupy for the transmission of information.

This transmission can be performed automatically if the management program allows it.

How joining in printed form CISMED?

Once installed the access, pharmacies only have to deal with that is made of information transmission. This transmission can be performed automatically if the management program allows it.

Informative diptych CISMED

Listados de Medicamentos con problemas de suministro 

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