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Medicines, healthcare products and Parapharmaceuticals

Verification and authentication of drug

Counterfeit medicines pose a very significant risk and a global health problem. The health authorities of all countries implemented various initiatives to tackle this problem.

In Europe, the Community authorities, along with the of the different Member States come studying this problem and taking initiatives to protect European citizens from counterfeit medicines, preventing its entry in the legal chain of distribution of drugs.

The directive was adopted in the year 2011 2011/62/EU by amending Directive 2001/83/EC, by which establishes a Community code relating to medicinal products for human use to prevent drug counterfeiting in the chain of supply legto the, which contains various provisions to protect the legal chain which are transferred to the various national regulations to strengthen the legal supply chain and the sale of medicines on the Internet.

Therefore, the directive covers a double regulation with respect to the following aspects:

  • The dispensing of medicinal products for human use through services of the society of information, through the use of a common logo in the sale of drugs over the internet.
  • The use of safety devices, based on an unique identifier and a device against tampering in the container. This double measure seeks to, on the one hand, to ensure the authenticity since in the market and, secondly, that the packaging of the drug has not undergone any handling.

In what refers to the verification of medicines, the work plan and timetable that should undertake the various Member States is as follows:

Cronograma Verificación de Medicamentos
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