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Este Portal utiliza cookies propias para mejorar sus servicios y prestarle una experiencia online más satisfactoria al optimizar la navegación por el mismo. Si Vd. continúa navegando entendemos que acepta su uso. Puede obtener más información o bien conocer cómo cambiar la configuración de su navegador en nuestra Política de Cookies del Consejo General



Cookies policy

What is a cookie?

Cookies are messages sent by the server to the computer of the user, consisting of text files that are downloaded to the terminal (computer /smartphone/tablet) user access to certain web pages and that is they are stored in the same memory. Cookies allow, among other things, collect, store, and retrieve information about your computer or a user browsing habits, to see which pages are visited, connection time, analyze the performance of a page, if there are problems technicians, etc.  Depending on the information they contain and the form in which the terminal is used, they can be used to recognize the user. The cookies are to be sent to the server whenever the user enters that page.

Are there what types of cookies?

There are several types of cookies based on different criteria:

Depending on the ownership

  • Own Cookies . They are those that belong to the GENERAL Council.
  • Third-party Cookies . They are those whose ownership is a third party other than GENERAL Council that will be whoever tries the information collected.

Depending on its purpose:

  • Cookies technical or operating. Are those that serve to improve the service, locating incidences, recognize the user, etc.
  • Cookies analytical or advertising. They are those that are used to analyze information about navigation and provide advertising, either generic or custom.

What is a cookie?

The cookies are used to provide personalized services or advertising to analyse the functioning of the system, recognize you when you enter as a user, locate incidents and problems that may arise and to solve them in the shortest time possible, as well as analyze and measure the use and activity of the page web.

Does need my consent to implement a cookie?

Consent to the installation of cookies is not required techniques or which are strictly necessary for the provision of an information society service explicitly requested by the recipient.
For the rest, yes requires the consent of the person concerned can be requested by different routes. In the case of GENERAL Council, shall be awarded if you continue using the page web, without prejudice of which at any time may revoke it and disable the cookies.

How can I disable cookies?

Most browsers indicate how to configure your browser to not accept cookies, so notify you whenever you receive a new cookie, and how to disable them completely. To control what use wants to make you your information, can configure the browser from its terminal in the way that it deems most suitable for you.
In any case, we do note that if she is deactivated the cookies technical or performance, the quality of the page web can decrease or can it cost more to identify you.
You can disable the cookies by clicking on the following browsers:

What cookies currently used GENERAL Council for the provision of services through the PORTAL?.

To use Bot PLUS Web 2.0 and some PORTALFARMA 2.0 services, it is necessary the use of own cookies (technical or performance. ) Below are the used cookies and its purpose.




BOT PLUS Web 2.0


Allows the user to visualize the application and interact with her.

BOT PLUS Web 2.0


They only store the options chosen by the user and the application-specific data (specifically so they display the information of a certain autonomous communities. and to logout after a time of closing the browser).

BOT PLUS Web 2.0


They store data access, user and password "encrypted", provided that the user has selected the "Remember password" option.

Portalfarma 2.0


Allows the user to visualize the application and interact with her.

Portalfarma 2.0


Service to remember password Bot PLUS WEB 2.0.

Portalfarma 2.0


It serves to verify the identity of the user and redirect you to the portal's content without having to continuously access the loginscreen.

Registration forms

sessionZZZ *

Local cookie that stores values for internal use of the program. (* ZZZ of each form)

Registration forms


Local cookie that verifies that the user has enabled cookies, reporting through a message but is well

Registration forms


Cookie server that stores values for internal use of the program

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