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Legal notice

The GENERAL Council of officers of a pharmaceutical colleges (hereinafter GENERAL Council), with address at C / Villanueva, 11, 7, 28001 Madrid, Spain, mail electronic congral@redfarma.org and with CIF Q2866018A, it is the owner of the site web www.portalfarma.com.


GENERAL Council informs you that access to and use of this page web and all subdomains and directories included under the same (hereinafter jointly referred to as the Portal), as well as services that can be obtained, through the they are subject to the terms outlined in this Legal notice, notwithstanding that access to any of these services may require acceptance of General conditions and/or additional individuals.

Therefore if the considerations outlined in this Legal notice non-conformity, please do not use of the Portal, since any use that makes or the services included will imply the acceptance of the legal terms contained in this text.

Despite the fact that, by the nature of the Internet, you can access the Portal from anywhere in the world, the contents of the same are aimed solely and exclusively to residents in Spain or, where appropriate, to those people who can hire the services of the Portal from Spain. When requesting the hiring of any type of services offered by the Portal, the user confirms to belong to the mentioned field. In this regard, Council GENERATESL reserves the right to refuse registration in the private part of the Portal if you have knowledge that the user does not comply with contracting requirements before mentioned, or from the moment in which it has.

The Portal aims to promote the activities and services provided by GENERAL Council, therefore the information contained in it, unless otherwise specified, it is only these promotional purposes or, in his case, a mere invitation to contract and in mode one constitutes a binding offer. All the products and services contained on the site are provided by GENERAL Council in accordance with the regulations in force.

GENERAL Council reserves the right to make changes to the Portal without prior notice, in order to update, correct, modify, add, or delete the contents of the Portal or its design. The contents of the Portal are updated periodically. Since the update of the information is not immediately, we suggest that you always check the validity and accuracy of the information contained in the Portal.

The terms and conditions listed in this notice may vary, so we invite you to review these terms when you visit again the Portal or request a new service, always remain the last version of the same application.


1.-GENERAL Council provides access to other pages web which we consider may be of interest. The purpose of these links is only facilitate the search for resources that may interest you through the Internet, without being it should understood that it is an invitation or suggestion of visit. However, these pages may belong to third parties, in which case the GENERAL Council does not make a review of its contents and, therefore nor can be held responsible for them, in the operation of the linked site, its content or manifestations or any damages that may arise from access to or use of the same. In any case, access to other pages web must presuppose the existence of agreements with their managers or owners, or recommendation, promotion or identification of the GENERAL Council with the statements, contents or services provided .

2.- Will not be allowed the link of any page web or an e-mail to the Portal address, except with the express written consent of the GENERAL Council. In addition, and as a general rule, these links must respect the following conditions: (a) may only be made links to the Home Page or main page of this website; (b) the establishment of the link does not imply any agreement, contract, sponsorship, or recommendation by the GENERAL Council of the page that performs the link; (c) the page that the link must faithfully comply with the legislation in force and may not, in any case, dispose of or link contents or of third parties that are illegal, harmful or contrary to morals and good customs, that they induce or may ind ucir adheres to the user the false conception that the GENERAL Council endorses or supports, or supports ideas or expressions lawful or unlawful sender, are inappropriate or not relevant with the activity of the GENERAL Council in response to the place, content and subject matter of the page web of the sender.

Subject as provided in the preceding paragraph, on an exceptional basis, upon request in writing to the GENERAL Council, may authorize by this direct link to any of the contents of the public part of the website that have been produced by the GENERAL Council and, therefore, whose intellectual property rights are theirs, provided that the use or purpose of these content conforms to the following conditions: (a) the link shall be permitted only when it is proven that your purpose has no commercial, being its object the realization for free from an activity of educational, training or information about public health, realization of a health campaign, etc., addressed to citizens or to the health professionals; (b) the link will be only giving access to the authorized content; (c) shall contain expressly that the content provided belongs to the GENERAL Council who holds all the rights of intellectual and industrial property on the Portal and linked content; (d) must be made clear that access to content provided through the Portal and the link does not imply the GENERAL Council supervision, sponsorship or support of the linking page; (e) the person responsible for the page to which the link is authorised must commit themselves to faithfully comply with the legislation in force and may not in any case have or link with their own content or third parties that is unlawful, harmful or contrary to morality and the good as customs or are inappropriate or not relevant to the activity of the GENERAL Council; (f) GENERAL Council is not responsible for the improper, unlawful or negligent use the linking page linked content users; could do (g) the reproduction, distribution, transformation or any other similar or analogous, activity is strictly prohibited unless mediate express permission in writing of the GENERAL Council.

At any time, the GENERAL Council may withdraw the authorizations referred to in the preceding paragraphs, without claiming any cause. In this case, the page that you have made the link must proceed to immediate removal, as soon as it receives notice of the revocation of the authorization by the GENERAL Council.


The GENERAL Council expressly prohibits the making of framings or the use by third parties of any other mechanisms that alter the design, original configuration or contents of your Portal.


The management policy of the Portal do not provide sponsored by private companies or other institutions as a source of funding. The basic financing of the Portal is charged to the general budget of the GENERAL Council.  However, those products and services offered by the GENERAL Councilare advertised on the Portal. In this case, the contents are clearly differentiated from any other information technical - professional.


The GENERAL Council may make referrals to various recipients, including referees, always newsletters that have been voluntarily requested shipments by recipients. These publications contain matters which may be of interest to the same recipients and may contain commercial information (advertising) on products and services of this GENERAL Council: Bot Plus, content of Portalfarma.com, National plan of Continuing Education, Strategic Plan for the development of pharmaceutical care, health campaigns, conferences and professional meetings, magazine pharmacists, as well as technical reports. Recipients may unsubscribe from receipt of publications at any time.


The GENERAL Council complies with the provisions of the organic law of protection of data of a Personal nature, with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016, relative to the protection of natural persons in the regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data (General data protection regulation) and with any other regulations in this area, and maintains a Privacy policy on personal data, which is primarily, describes the use of the GENERAL Council made of the personal data, the user is informed in detail of the circumstances essential security measures that apply to their personal data, and such use for prevent unauthorized access by third parties to access them.


The user undertakes to use the services of the Portal according to the terms in this Legal notice and the mere use of the same will imply the acceptance of this.

The user who acts against the image, good name or reputation of the GENERAL Council, as well as who use fraudulent means or unlawful designs, logos or content of the Portal or cause damage to the GENERAL Council or any of its pages web will be responsible to the GENERAL Council of his performance.

In General, users can access the site web, public part of the portal of free and free of charge. However, the GENERAL Council is limited to licensed pharmacists in different Provincial Pharmacy Chambers, free access to certain areas of the site web in the private part of the website, for whose access the user must previously register of real and up-to-date form.
In the event that user knows or suspects the use of your password by a third party, must be that circumstance to the attention of the GENERAL Council as soon as.


Misuse of the Portal: The GENERAL Council has created the Portal for the promotion of their products and to facilitate access to its services, but cannot control the use of it differently than that set out in this Legal notice, especially with regard to the inc both prohibitions compliance make frames or frames of any kind as the introduction of links to the Portal without prior application and approval by the GENERAL Council in the terms established in this Legal notice.

Therefore, access to the Portal and the correct use of the information contained therein are responsibility of these actions, not being, in any case, responsible for the GENERAL Council by the illicit, negligent, incorrect use or of any manner contrary to the rule of law that it may make the user, who will be solely responsible for such use improper, illicit, negligent, or contrary to the legislation in force.
Use of content: The GENERAL Council makes all the contents of your Portal in good faith and will make its best effort to keep them permanently updated and current; However, the GENERAL Council not responsible for updating, error, or validity of the contents. Also the GENERAL Council can not assume any responsibility regarding use or access that users outside the scope to which the Portal is addressed, or of the consequences which could result in the practical application of the opinions, recommendations or studies which can be accessed through the Portal, whose ultimate responsibility will always fall on the user.

In addition, the GENERAL Council cannot control the contents that have not been produced by him or by others fulfilling your order and, therefore, declines any liability and is not liable in any case damage that could be caused by such third party content, including the assumptions that, in his case, the GENERAL Council can be Portal available to speakers / lecturers and authors of content for dissemination through the same general. Such content, including where appropriate, limitation, photographs, posters, slides, informative brochures, included in video or PowerPoint presentations, images are presumed originals of such speakers / speakers or authors or While the same hold on the indicated contents any intellectual property rights that they could be applied, to the exclusion of third party rights.

Security: The GENERAL Council undertakes to apply all measures to try to prevent the absence of viruses, worms, Trojan horses and similar items on its website. However, these measures are not infallible, and therefore the GENERAL Council cannot ensure fully the absence of these harmful elements. Accordingly, the GENERAL Council will not be liable for any damage that the same could happen to the user.

Also the website of the GENERAL Council is equipped with security measures for a peaceful use of it, however, such measures are not foolproof, so the GENERAL Council is not responsible for the damages that the user may suffer derived from the navigation by the Portal.

Technology failures: the GENERAL Council has completed all necessary contracts for the continuity of its website and will make its best effort so that it does not suffer interruptions, but it cannot guarantee the absence of errors technology, or the permanent availability of the Portal and of the services contained in it and, consequently, assumes no responsibility for the damages that can be generated by the lack of availability and access failures caused by disconnections, faults, overloads, or drops of the network not attributable to the GENERAL Council.

Exchange of information: The Portal may contain certain areas so that different users can share their experiences and to promote the exchange of information in forums and Chats, the GENERAL Council only will act on these forums as a meeting place, and not controlling expressions poured on them, so it assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or relevance of demonstrations that they users.


Both the Portal design and source codes, as logos, brands, and other distinctive signs appearing in the same susceptible of industrial and commercial, use belong to the GENERAL Council or entities and are protected by the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights.

Use, reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation or any other similar or analogous, activity is strictly forbidden unless mediate express permission in writing of the GENERAL Council.

The contents of the Portal are also protected by the GENERAL Council or third party intellectual property rights. The use of the content developed by the GENERAL Council will be allowed only when there is a prior authorization in writing for this purpose by the GENERAL Council in the terms provided for in the present Legal notice.

Access to the Portal in any case gives any rights on the Portal itself, its source code, contained own or of third parties, logos, brands and other distinctive signs appearing in the same susceptible of industrial and commercial use.

The GENERAL Council declared its respect for the rights of intellectual and industrial property of third parties; Therefore, if you believe that this site could be violating your rights, please get in touch with the GENERAL Council at the following e-mail address congral@redfarma.org.


The applicable law in case of dispute or conflict of interpretation of the terms that make up this Legal notice, as well as any matter related to the services of this website, shall be Spanish law.

For the resolution of any conflict that may arise on the occasion of the visit to the site or the use of the services that it can offer, the GENERAL Council and the user agree to submit to the judges and tribunals of the user's domicile, provided that e itself is situated in Spanish territory.

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We are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

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