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Space Bot PLUS


Coleccion Consejo 2015 

The General Council of Provincial Pharmacy Chambers continually works on improving information about the drug services and aspects related to the same.

To this end, makes available all collective pharmacist, from the rest of health professionals and the society in general the Knowledge data baseHealth,materialized in the software Bot PLUS Bot PLUS WEB and App

This space is a point of information and communication to all users. From here, by entering your login details in the login box, you can consult the WEB version of the tool.

Levels of access to information on Bot PLUS WEB according to profile:

BOT PLUS WEB is the web page of Bot PLUS information consultation. The information contained on drugs and parapharmacy products is updated daily and available from any device. The following are the types of access profiles and information available to each of them:



Profile 1: customer collection community pharmacy Council. Enter the user name and password contained in the Bill to access full content. 2 profile: Bot PLUS WEB or collection customer Council. Enter the user name and password contained in the Bill to access full content. Profile 3: College not Bot PLUS WEB or client collection Council: Enter the username and password assigned to PORTALFARMA for access to restricted content 4 profile: No college or customer. The query with the username and password indicated by default (guest) to access the basic content.
General information about medicines SI SI SI SI
  • Prices and homogeneous groups of drugs.
Complete multimedia documentation (including technical data) SI SI    
  • Prospects
Full drug description SI SI SI  
  • Advice to the patient
Warnings, clinical analysis, historical and other information. SI SI    
Healthcare products and funded dietoterapicos SI SI SI SI
  • Homogeneous groupings of products and prices
Parapharmacy products encoded by the CGCOF SI      
Information about active ingredient s SI SI SI SI
Information about diseases SI SI SI  
Chips of interactions SI SI    
Foreign drugs SI SI    
Information about laboratories SI SI    
Complex searches (by composition, free and documentary) SI SI    
Export listings SI SI    
Pharmaceutical care module
(1) only in the downloaded version, not in the WEB
SI(1) SI    

In profiles 1, 2 and 3 it is necessary to set the data in your autonomous community to display personalized information. To access the Setup menu

Subscription to electronic www.portalfarma.com releases

Periodically we will send you updates on Bot PLUS and other information relevant to the exercise of their professional activity: technical reports, news of health interest, magazine "Pharmaceutical", releases of interest to the group, information on training activities, articles on pharmaceutical care, among others.

For any questions or queries, call attention to the collegiate phone

902-460-902 / 914 312 689

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