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Public health - campaigns

Public Health - Campaigns

Pharmacists, through their direct contact with the patient, play an essential role in promoting public health and health education. Patients who are well-informed and included in educational initiatives, follow a healthier lifestyle, better meet drug treatments, reduce the risk of problems associated with them, have fewer hospital readmissions and, in general, significantly improve their quality of life.

Pharmacy and health space

Ir a Espacio Farmacia y Salud - Campañas del CGCOFThe General Council of Official Colleges of Pharmacists assumes as one of its fundamental objectives the promotion of health and prevention of the disease, as well as health education to the population. In this regard, from 2012 to 2015, the General Council, in collaboration with the Official Colleges of Pharmacists, has successfully carried out 124 health campaigns, which addressed topics such as:

  • Rational use of medicines: prevention of medicine errors by phonetic and spelling similarity, rationalization of the use of antibiotics, medicinal plants, vaccines, as well as multiple actions focused on healthcare pharmacy within the framework of the "Strategic Plan of Pharmaceutical Care" and the "HazFarma" project.
  • Specific actions on health problems: influenza and cold, allergy, cancer, digestive disorders, smoking, hypertension, COPD, allergies, overweight, insomnia, among many others.
  • Nutrition: through the PLENUFAR project ("Nutrition Education Plan by the Pharmacist"), with specific actions on the child population, housewives, pregnancy, lactation, menopause and seniors.
  • Dermaceutation: photoprotection, atopia, oral hygiene and lice infestation, etc.
  • Drug dependence and AIDS: at the level of prevention, early diagnosis and assistance for disinhabitation.
  • Visual health: Presbyopia, glaucoma, DMAE, etc.
  • Others: bone marrow donation, road safety, campaigns against gender-based violence, doping, etc.

These initiatives, which often have a wide participation of pharmacists, show the commitment of the Pharmaceutical Profession to public health and society, providing added value to the work of the pharmacist.

For the development of these health initiatives, the General Council sometimes collaborates with different health institutions, such as the Ministry of Health, patient associations and with entities and laboratories that help to implement these projects.

Pharmacy and health space

Pharmaceutical advice on public health

The General Council makes professional information on current health issues available to pharmacists.

From the community pharmacy, very relevant epidemiological and public health functions can be performed, mainly focused on the detection of possible cases and the provision of rigorous information about a certain disease and its prevention or treatment.

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