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Pharmacy international

International Pharmacy

Farmacia InternacionalAmong the usual functions of the General Council of Official Colleges of Pharmacists is to represent spanish Pharmacy internationally. In this sense, issues affecting Health, Pharmacy and medicine are monitored globally, and a close relationship is maintained with professional pharmaceutical organizations in other countries, knowing their current in pharmaceutical matters and, as a member of them, taking an active part of the main issues affecting the sector.

Thus, the European Union is actively working with the PGEU (European Union Pharmaceutical Grouping), at the international level with FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation) and with the American Pharmacy through FEPAFAR (Pan American Pharmacy Federation.

Among other issues, the General Council works to project the Spanish pharmacy model, participates in the different initiatives promoted by the European or international institutions in decisions on Pharmacy and Medicines, aspects related to professional activities, training, etc. It also participates in projects and working groups promoted by these organizations.

On 28 November 2016, the General Council and the Office of the Government's High Commissioner for The Spanish Trademark signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of promoting cooperation for the promotion of the values and principles that inspire the MARCA SPAIN project and the support, promotion and dissemination of the health service provided in Spain by Community pharmacies , as well as the dissemination and promotion of the professional and scientific activities carried out by the General Council.

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International news

Compilation of international health and pharmacy news published monthly by the General Council of Pharmacists.

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Documents and Statements

Official documents published by the General Council or other Organizations (FIP, PGEU, WHO, etc.) on care pharmacy, pharmaceutical delivery models, pharmacy training, etc. at the international level.

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World Pharmacist's Day

The General Council of Pharmacists holds this event every 25 September, organized by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) with the aim of influencing the importance of the care work of the pharmacist within the framework of a multidisciplinary health team.

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Links of interest

Collection of links to health and pharmaceutical institutions at the international level.

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