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The General Council of Provincial Pharmacy Chambers of Spain, has among its essential purposes the performance of the duties laid down in article 9º of the professions chambers law, 2/1974, 13 February, and its regulations approved by order of 16 May 1957 and amended by Royal Decree 1774 / 1979 de22 of June; 616/1982, of March 17 and 249/1985, of 23 January.

The functions that correspond to the General Council, in the terms established in the legislation in force, include:

  • Institutional representation of the profession when it is subject to compulsory membership to the General Administration of the State and the agencies linked or dependent on it.
  • The management and defence of the profession at the State level, with similar institutions of the European Union and at the international level.
  • The protection of the interests of consumers and users of the services of the collegiate.
  • Elaborate and approve the Statute General of chambers and submit it to the approval of the Government, as well as the Statute of the Council General.
  • Approve their budgets and set the regime of revenue and expenditure of the General Council, as well as approve its annual report.
  • Create section members that within her womb, harmonize and coordinate relations or interests of the pharmaceutical sectors, as well as reform or revise existing ones in response to the evolution of the pharmaceutical profession.
  • Ensure the prestige of the profession.
  • Mandatorily all draft amendment of the regulatory legislation of professional associations and of the scope of the drug requested him to report by the General Administration of the State, with respect to all matters related to its purposes or which agreed to issue on its own initiative.
  • Cooperate with public authorities in promoting public health and disease prevention, and collaborate with the health administration at the State level, in the formulation of health policy of pharmaceutical care and rational use of medicines and healthcare products, through actions of collaboration in the education and information of these products.
  • Watch with character general the compliance of the legislation health, especially of the legislation pharmaceutical and, promote with them administrations public few provisions and performances it deems necessary for the improvement technical and professional of them different modalities of exercise professional.
  • Support and back the actions taken by the Provincial Pharmacy Chambers in order to guarantee the principle of continuity in the due provision of the pharmaceutical care service to citizens.
  • Formalize conventions or concerts of collaboration or agreements with the Administration General of the State, universities or any other type of entities public or private in matter of your competition and establish them media necessary for the compliance and effectiveness of these.
  • To ensure lifelong learning, continuing and specialized pharmaceutical professionals, promoting itself or in collaboration with other public or private institutions of continuing education activities and exercising the functions of accreditation and official registration that are delegated to him by the General Administration of the State.
  • Issue, in matter of recognition of Diplomas, certified and others titles of pharmacy of them States members of the Union European, and for the exercise effective of the right of establishment, prior report of them corresponding chambers official of pharmaceutical, them certifications that you are required, as well as create them timely mechanisms of communication and coordination with them chambers and tips of chambers autonomic for meet the requests of information on them collegiate and them sanctions firm imposed.
  • Participate in the preparation of curricula leading to obtaining the degree in Pharmacy and the pharmaceutical studies, in training activities and in the definition of the professional career of the pharmacist.
  • Designate them representatives of the profession in them tips, commissions, agencies Advisory of the Administration General of the State and agencies international or supranational.
  • Exercise how many functions are assigned or assigned by the General Administration of the State, as well as collaborate with this by conducting studies, issuing reports, statistics, and other activities related to its purposes that may be requested or which agreed to formulate on its own initiative.
  • Create projects based on new technologies of information and communication to facilitate connectivity between professionals, chambers, councils of chambers and General Council, as well as appropriate, with other professionals, citizens or the General Administration of the State.
  • Establish a central register of licensed pharmacists that allow you to know at least the name and surname of the licensed professionals, membership number, official titles that are in possession, place of business and situation of empowerment and other data determined or determined to guarantee effectively the right to information of the citizens and the registration of healthcare professionals, guaranteeing the principles of confidentiality of personal data. Establish a register of companies professional for the compliance of all those functions that legally you correspond.
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